Message from President

Ecan For Ecanian..!!!

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." How true! We ECANians together shared a common dream-that of creating a platform that would enable educational consultancies to connect with the stakeholders-students, guardians, education providers, diplomatic missions, more effectively.

Today, ECAN is 23 years old and 400 + members strong, and I am privileged to share with you that we stand tall as the country's largest umbrella organization for educational consultancy.

ECANians have a come a long way, but, like Frost says, I as ECAN president have miles to go before I sleep.

In my term as President, I aim at establishing ECAN as organization that actively collaborates with national and international stakeholders in order to bring together the students seeking international education with authentic and quality education providers from all over the world I vow to leave no stones unturned in creating an ecosystem that nurtures a safe, efficient and effective environment for educational consultancies to offer their services and practice innovative ways of serving Nepali students in achieving their study abroad dream.

I very well understand that It is equally important to establish ethics, fairness, integrity and unity as pillars of ECAN so that ECAN operates as an alliance that allows Nepali students to benefit from a wide range of safe study options offering world class education.

Keeping the concerns of guardians and students in mind, ECAN has also come up with an innovative concept of ECAN endorsed universities and colleges, that would help students choose international education providers, with zero risk or fear.

Besides, keeping in pace with today's globalization, ECAN is taking large steps towards becoming digital ECAN.

Like I said, ECAN is brewing with bright ideas and youthful vigour to make the umbrella organisation synonymous with trust. I am sure you all are with me and my team. Together we surely can!

Jai Desh Jai ECAN!


Prakash Pandey

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