Milestone Achieved

ECAN as an organization for all has undergone several key tasks in the country and beyond. Such tasks range from mergers occurred at home between NECA and ECAN, to ECAN Executive’s visit to different countries to resolve the issues and problems faced by its members and students, from lobbies with the foreign delegates to developing the code of conduct to monitor abroad education counseling services in the country. Key such developments achieved by ECAN from its inception are detailed in the chart below:

07.02 ECAN Tea Party at Hotel Del' Annapurna
07.01 1st ECAN Futsal Tournament at Pepsi Cola Futsal Ground
05.13 Celebration of 18th ECAN Day, at Nepal Police Club, on this occasion Donation was given to Prime Minister fund for the flood victim of NRs 1,55,000 and announcement to make a Scholarship Fund of Rs 1,50,000/-.
03.12 - 15 8th ECAN Fair at Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu.
02.31 1st ECAN Rafting Program at Bhote Koshi.
02.17 Orientation program by a representatves of Minister of Education to ECAN Members at Hotel Everest on "Education Consultancy and Language Directives 2068" and for the registration on Ministry of Education.
01.28 Formation of ECAN India.
01.26 Meeting at Japanese Embassy.
01.07 Formation of ECAN Japan.
12.24 Briefing session on Australian and India Visa Policy to ECAN Members at Trade Tower Business Center.
11.30 - 31 1st ECAN Australia Newzealand Education Fair at Hotel Del Annapurna, Kathmandu.
10.25 ECAN Picnic at Gokarna Forest Resort.
10.05 Formation of Australian Specialized Agency (ASA)
10.03 1st ECAN Kaski Fair.
09.27 8th ECAN AGM at Trade Tower Business Center,Thapathali. Kathmandu.
08.30 ECAN Chitwan Socialization program.
08.29 ECAN Kaski Socialization Program.
08.27 - 28 CAE Teachers Training at Trade Tower Business Center
07.17 Agreement with Cambridge English Advance (CAE).
07.13 Meeting with the representatives of NRN at Trade Tower Business Center, Thapathali.
07.01 ECAN Tea Party.
06.15 - 17 British Council Train The Trainer Course at Brtish Council.
05.13 Celebration of 17th ECAN Day, at Nepal Police Club, Exhibition Road.
04.21 NRs 4,00,000/- to the flood victim to Prime Minister Relief Fund.
03.13 - 16 7th ECAN Fair, Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu.
03.01 2nd ECAN Socialization Program.
02.31 "Education Consultancy and Language Directives 2068 implementation coordination committee formed where 3 ECAN Executive members were nominated in the committee."
02.17 Donation to Nepal Police of NRs 2,75,000, SinghaDurbar, for the buiding of New Cell.
12.09 Interaction Program on " Promoting Indian Education, its opportunity and threats" at Marco Polo Hotel, Kamaladi
11.05 ECAN Picnic at Lapsi Fedi.
10.20 Breifing session by Japanese Embassy at Alfa House, New Baneshwor.
09.27 7th ECAN AGM/ Announcement of ECAN - NECA merger. At Trade Tower Business Center, Thapathali.
07.22 ECAN Tea Party.
05.28 AIRC briefing session at Alfa House New Baneshwor.
05.13 Celebration of 16th ECAN Day at Nepal Tourism Board, it was the first where ECAN Day was ever celebrated.
04.28 Scholarship Provided by ECAN to the potential deserving students in a different national colleges
03.14 - 17 6th ECAN Fair at Bhrikutimandap, Exhibition Road, Kathmandu
02.22 Donation of 3 sets computer to Nepal Police, Hanumandhoka, Durbar Square Kathmandu
01.26 Agreement with PEARSON, at Hotel Del' Annapurna
08.23 Inspirational Talk Show was conducted to ECAN Members by Mr, Sujit Lalwawani at DECC, Tripureshwor
08.22 Mr. Rajendra Baral, President, ECAN was nominated for Executive Member of International, Chamber of Commerce.
08.06 Agreement with ICEF.
08.06 Merger Agreement between ECAN and NECA.
07.01 6th ECAN AGM Hotel Hyatt, on the same, the following respected persons were honoured fortheir service and deeds to ECAN : Mr. Gangala Tuladhar, Mr. Laxmi Khadka, Mr, Mahashram Sharma and Mr. Devi Prasad Upadhya.
03 ECAN Initiative, Education Consultancy and Language Directives 2068 was implemented
05.01 - 04 5th ECAN Fair at Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu.
11.07 ECAN Picnic at Park Village Resort
10.21 1st ECAN Socialization Program was conducted for New ECAN Members
10.08 South London College gave a computer Set to ECAN Kaski/Cihitwan/Kathmandu
10.08 Program on "Dimensions of UK Education" at Hotel Everest, New Baneshwor.
09.19 Formation of ECAN Branch Office and Executives : ECAN Kaski and ECAN Chitwan.
07.27 5th ECAN AGM at Hotel Del' Annapurna, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu.
02.27 - 30 4th ECAN Fair at Bhrikutimandap ,Kathmandu
09.11 ECAN Picnic at Godavari Village Resort.
08.26 ECAN Picnic.
06.27 ECAN Tea Party at DECC.
05.17 Inauguration of ECAN office at Russian Culture Centre by Honorable Ambassador of Malaysia.
05.13 Kumari Bank Limited was appointed as an offical Bank of ECAN.
05.06 4th ECAN AGM at Hotel Everest, New Baneshwor.
04.29 - 32 3rd ECAN Fair at Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu, Nepal.
01.06 ECAN Executives representatives went for a delegation at AEI, New Delhi, India.
12.29 E3rd ECAN AGM at Hotel Everest, New Baneshwor.
12.26 ECAN became a Nepal Chamber of Commerce and send a representative to become a Executive Member of Nepal Chamner of Commerce.
12.22 ECAN Picnic at Norling Resort.
12.20 Work Shop on Tier 4 UK Visa System at DECC, Tripureshwor.
12.07 Meeting with British High Commission at New Delhi, India/
06.17 ECAN Tea Party.
06.13 Flood Victims Donation of Nrs 5,55,555/- to the Home Minister, Mr. Bam Dev Gautam.
03.07 2nd ECAN AGM at Hotel Everest, New Baneshwor
02.24 2nd ECAN Fair at Bhrikutimandap, Exhibition Road, Kathmandu.
12.02 - 27 ECAN Executive FAM Trip to United Kingdom (UK)
12.02 Meeting with Honorable Ambassador of Australia to Nepal, at Australian Embassy.
10.19 Gathering was called for the mutual benefit among ECAN Members at DECC, Tripureshwor.
07.14 Austrialian Migration Visa Officers Work Shop, Hotel Del' Annapurna, Durbar Marg.
02.26 1st ECAN AGM at Hotel Everest, New Baneshwor.
02.10 - 13 1st ECAN Fair, BICC Hall, New Baneshwor.
11.22 Minute for the agreement (mutual benefit ) with British Council.
09.15 Special AGM called for the amedment of ECAN Statute and Code of Conduct.
08.13 German Agent Work Shop.
04 Formation of the department for the first time among ECAN Executives, Department includes : Legal, Promotion, Organization and Financial, Department.
03.28 Unification of A-ECAN and ECAN
03.11 ECAN office shifted to New Baneshwor
06.13 Formation of 1st ECAN Executive Committee.
05.21 1st ECAN Board Meeting took place.
05.13 ECAN Registered at CDO Office, Kathmandu
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