ECAN Nepal

Educational Consultancy Association of Nepal, with its acronym ECAN, formally registered under the Government of Nepal, Chief District Administration Office in Kathmandu in the year 1997. With an objective of catering proper information and guidance to parents interested in sending their offspring for abroad studies, ECAN is an active association of professionals keeping abreast of knowledge on every detail in abroad study and subsequent student counselling. It is endorsed equivocally by educationalists in the country, and given instant recognition by the overseas education providers. As a centre of all educational consultancies in Nepal, ECAN is an authoritative body that not only controls and monitors all activities of its member consultancies, but also nurtures and maintains the country’s environment for international education.


ECAN is a vision and a tool. As a vision, ECAN is for everyone students and their parents, education consultants and education providers, government of Nepal and the concerned. As a tool, it is a place where everyone has a say, a part and a stake.



ECAN is spiralling further with the following four aims:

  • To provide right guidance, information and counselling
  • To bring respect and maintain professionalism with ethics in abroad study consulting services
  • To continue to cluster everyone concerned in one platform through frequently organized events such as Education Fair, Education Expo, Workshops etc.
  • To guard itself, its members, students and parents against any malpractices in the industry. [Such malpractices include giving misleading services and products, false information, trickery and deceit. This can occur in either way: students and guardians misleading and cheating consultants, and consultants misleading and cheating students and guardians.]


When it comes to the education and its implementation in real world situations, ECAN feels international education practical as well as more applied. To make their mark on the world, Nepalese students with an access to international education fostered by ECAN continuously remain on the verge of ‘brain-gain’. ECAN therefore envisions:

To make Nepali student an independent human with an ability to compete with, and morale to suit for, ongoing globalization


ECAN’s vision shapes its mission, and properly reflects its core areas of work in providing services with support to students, parents, education providers and its members. ECAN believes in serving people professionally with passion and dignity. ECAN’s mission is therefore committed:

  • To make ‘ECAN-for-all’ realized
  • To establish a healthy practice and a morale based professionalism in study abroad services
  • To create the business equally valued by the institutions and people at home and at abroad.
  • To transform every educational consultant ‘a service-oriented professional’ from around the country

Executive Committee

ECAN has now come up with a CODE OF CONDUCT to regulate and monitor the activities of all ECAN member organizations so that the students and parents benefit from the ECAN objectives

Mr. Prakash Pandey

Mr. Prakash Pandey


Mr. Bishnu Hari Pandey

Mr. Bishnu Hari Pandey

Immediate Past President

Mr. Devi Das Bhattarai

Mr. Devi Das Bhattarai

1st Vice President

Mr. Seshraj Bhattarai

Mr. Seshraj Bhattarai

2nd Vice President

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